Privatpraxis für Sportphysiotherapie
Physiotherapy, Yoga, Yogatherapy, Sportsphysiotherapy, Sportsorthopaedics, Treatments after surgery, Medical Wellness
My name is Florian Hockenholz, I have been a physiotherapist and yoga teacher for over 20 years.
My goal is to help healthy people stay healthy.
Achieving peak performance in sports or simply getting through the workday requires a healthy body and mind. Let me help you to bring daily peak performance. You want to know more about me and my professional competences? - just google my name. Prices: 60 minutes/€160,00
Sports injuries or overuse symptoms are the reason for this form of therapy
Yoga, Yogatherapy
Yoga is a great help to find your balance again and to train your whole body an
Medical Wellness
Just relax with a massage, regenerate and come to new strength.
I can help if you if you have any of the following problems:
All treatements are not payed by german health insurances.
Sports injuries and overuse symptoms
Performance drop in fitness and mind
Stress and private and professional overload
My methods: physiotherapy, specific training, massages, yoga and coaching
My professional competences
Owner of: Akademie Hockenholz
Teaching together with my team of 32 therapist about 1.200 days/year about chronical pain and pain management in over 15 citys in germany, austria and switzerland
Owner of: Medical Yoga Center in Berlin Kreuzberg
Together with my team we offer 400 yoga classes/month - mostly with medical focus
Owner of: Medical Yoga Academy
Teaching our Medical Yoga Teacher Education (200hours) 15 times per year in Germany and at La Gomera (canary islands)
Author and publisher of medical books
Author, Co-Author and publisher of medical books at Thieme Verlag Deutschland.
Owner of: Medical Yoga Center La Gomera
At Valle Gran Rey de La Gomera you can find our Yoga Teacher Dducation und Yoga Therapy Education in my own yoga studio in Vueltas.
My praxis is located in my Medical Yoga Center in Berlin-Kreuzberg. Appointments: