Privatpraxis für Sportphysiotherapie
Physiotherapy, Yoga, Yogatherapy, Sportsphysiotherapy, Sportsorthopaedics, Treatments after surgery, Medical Wellness
My name is Florian Hockenholz, I have been a physiotherapist and yoga teacher for over 20 years.
My goal is to help healthy people stay healthy.
Achieving peak performance in sports or simply getting through the workday requires a healthy body and mind. Let me help you to bring daily peak performance. You want to know more about me and my professional competences? - just google my name. Prices: 60 minutes/€160,00
Sports injuries or overuse symptoms are the reason for this form of therapy
Yoga, Yogatherapy
Yoga is a great help to find your balance again and to train your whole body an
Medical Wellness
Just relax with a massage, regenerate and come to new strength.
I can help if you if you have any of the following problems:
All treatements are not payed by german health insurances.
Sports injuries and overuse symptoms
Performance drop in fitness and mind
Stress and private and professional overload